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The business of charging for legal services based on the time spent doing it, is non sensical and ineffective.

Legal costs are a business risk like any other. My business is management of that risk. Certainty as to your legal spend and the question of the appropriate pricing model will be performed by me relative to your specific needs and constraints.

I believe that you, my client, would like to pay me fairly for what I do and that a fair sharing of risk and reward is conducive to a strong long-term relationship.

At the end of the day, I want to enjoy my work, enjoy my clients and go home with a sense of appreciation and reward.

My Expertise

I look after the legal needs of corporate clients.
I bring a lot of brains and a lot of experience to that task. Here is a rundown of what I do:

Construction and Engineering Law
Construction and Engineering Law

Energy, Mining and Infrastructure
Energy, Mining and Infrastructure

Litigation and Dispute Resolution
Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Administrative Law
Administrative Law

I don’t advise on tax, family matters, post selfies or cry in my “G and T’s”.

My Bio

With an extensive background in complex Construction and Engineering law, I am now flying solo after a stellar career at top tier law firms. I have impressive experience in the drafting and reading of long contracts in the construction space.

Whether you want to lay a railway line to Timbuktu, build a windfarm using only recycled bottle caps or weld a kettle boiler onto a coal fired power station, I have the imagination and drafting wizardry to bring any contract to life.

After a string of high profile cases, the parties ranging from a multi- disciplinary Construction and Engineering group, the largest book selling chain in South Africa to an information and communication technology giant, I would be prominent enough as a major case litigator even without the two Supreme Court of Appeal victories.

My experience encompasses commercial arbitrations, adjudication, DAB hearings, claims negotiations and settlement with reference to the FIDIC suite of contracts, the GCC, the JBCC and the NEC agreements.

I was known as the wild woman of Sabi Sands chauffeuring guests in my lesser spotted Land Rover before marking my territory and staking my claim as leader of the pride in dispute resolution in a world where one eats or gets eaten.

I am occasionally manipulative (on the yoga mat) but just mention bull dogs and I am putty. It’s always good to know where the soft spot is.


“Of many respected construction law attorneys I have worked with, Adine is distinguished on a number of fronts. She truly goes above and beyond for the sake of her clients, she is an excellent legal strategist and has an acute sense for the underlying factors that often has a significant influence on the best case outcome of a dispute. Adine also has a depth and vision for business and life that goes beyond the adversarial paradigm -- a trait that surely benefits whomever she comes into contact with.”

Johann Tempelhoff - Commercial Specialist: Engineering and Construction at Inkampani

“ For more than three years Adine Abro has been in charge of a strategic piece of litigation for this company. She has distinguished herself by her attention to detail, clever thinking and she is always in full command of case development. She is sensitive to future developments and has a canny sense of court procedure; always ensuring that she is in touch with her client. As a result we have been fully briefed, our counsel have been kept abreast of case development and it has been reflected in a seamless record of success in our matter.

For any corporate faced with complex litigation requiring robust response and sensible, practical advice, Adine is an ideal advisor. She ensures client and counsel know all the facts and she serves her clients’ interest best by scrupulously detailing the flaws and benefits of legal action. Adine’s client care and empathy is outstanding and her abilities as a litigator mark her as an an excellent lawyer. ”

Benjamin Trisk - CEO - Exclusive Books Group

“Adine is a force to be reckoned with. Professional with quick and reliable turnaround times. Her pragmatic approach is refreshing and focuses on finding the best possible outcome for her client as opposed to chasing fees in drawn out legal battles. Her legal knowledge and special understanding of FIDIC contracts are second to none”

Jacques Botha - Finance Director - Danoher Group

“Adine has been acting as our attorney on Construction disputes for a while now and I am yet to come across a more passionate and driven individual. Her personal involvement and care to our business has made the real difference (which usually goes amiss in large law firms). I can highly recommend Adine for her Construction Law knowledge and experience which is invaluable on even the largest of Construction dispute matters.”

Johan Swarts – Operations Director – YoHome Africa

“Housing Africa Corporation has been working with Adine from Adine Abro Attorneys for over 12 months now. She has managed a number of large, complex and extremely demanding legal issues for our firm. Having worked with law firms all over the world, I can honestly say that I have had the highest level of service, best legal advice and all-round support from Adine that I have ever experienced. In terms of construction law and related matters, there is nobody better out there. I cannot rate her highly enough.”

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